The pillows are original works of art for your couch, floor or bed. They are made from the finest fabric pigments painted directly on raw canvas or linen. I paint each piece by hand and no two will ever be exactly alike.  They are filled with a yummy poly-down mix, a perfectly puffy/fluffy blend that is firm enough to hold it's shape yet cozy enough to cuddle up with or even toss on the floor as a cushion. The backs are also canvas and either in a bright contrasting color or a clean white or grey. They have feathered edges and the zippers are hidden and often in a surprising pop of color, like lime or hot pink.  They are sewn by hand, with love, in LA and the inserts are made here too.  

Care: Hand wash or toss in the machine (not the insert). Natural softening and a bit of fading will occur over time very much like denim if you machine wash regularly.  

I also create private label designs.  Please contact me for details. 

emily {at} emilywagner {dot} com